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Summer 2022 Weekend retreat

We're hosting a weekend getaway with fellow costumers! We hope you'll join us October 8th - 10th at The Duchess Inn in Van Alstyne for three days of socializing, relaxing, and learning at a beautiful and historic location.

There is a very limited amount of space at this retreat, so make sure to purchase your ticket early to ensure your spot! DFWCG members can get a discounted rate. Not a member? Join here!

Room is included in the price of your ticket. Please note: some beds are upstairs, and bedrooms will need to be shared (multiple beds to a room.) Meals will be potluck, or you can choose from several nearby restaurants and a grocery store within walking distance of the inn.

There will be a coffee maker, an ice maker, a refrigerator, and a microwave available as well if you prefer to bring your own food and drinks.

The hands-on portion of our event will take place in a large activity space that includes your own personal table and ample electrical outlets.

There is also a cozy living room beautifully decorated in the Victorian style.

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