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DFWCG Events


The DFW Costumers Guild hosts several costumed events each year, which range from picnics and museum visits, to festival outings and train rides, our themes ranging from historical to fantasy and sci-fi.


Upcoming events are listed on a separate page on our website, with our next event showcased on our landing page.


To help you better plan for an upcoming event, we have included ticket price guides with each event listing:


•  $ -- 0-20 dollars

•  $$ -- 20-40 dollars

•  $$$ -- 40-60 dollars

•  $$$$ -- 60-80 dollars

•   $$$$$ -- 80-100+ dollars


Tickets for DFWCG events are non-refundable, but can be transferred. If you are unable to attend an event you have purchased a ticket for, you may sell your ticket to someone else, but we will not issue any refunds.


Some events run on a tight schedule, like train rides, symphony outings, etc. Please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to such events. Not only do you not want to miss the train, you also want to have plenty of time to mingle with the other event attendees and admire each other’s costumes! Refunds will not be given for anyone who arrives too late to use their ticket.  

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