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Georgian Dinner

Join the Dallas Ft. Worth Costumer's Guild for an evening of good food, good company, and fabulous costumes! Inspired by the famous Francaise Dinner in Georgetown, our Georgian Dinner will be an evening of 18th Century  glamor and style.


When is this event being held?

The dinner is May 14th, at 7PM.


Where is it being held?

The dinner will be at Sweet Basil Restaurant, on Midway Road  in Dallas, Texas. We have a private room for our party, so we will have our own space, separate from the other restaurant patrons.



Do I have to purchase tickets to this event?

No, this is not a ticketed event. However, we do ask that you RSVP on our Facebook Event page so we can give the restaurant an accurate headcount. You can do so by visiting the RSVP page here, or by clicking RSVP on the Calendar of Events page.



What should I wear?

The focus of the dinner is mid to late 18th Century.  You could dress up like an aristocrat from the court of Marie Antoinette, a middle-class American from the Colonial period, a French peasant from the Revolution, or a dastardly pirate! The best way to get inspired is by watching some costume dramas from the time period. Check out the list of recommendations!


Dangerous Liasons

Marie Antoinette


Jefferson in Paris

The Affair of the Necklace

The Aristocrats

The Patriot
The Duchess

Sleepy Hollow


I want to make a costume but I don't know where to start!  Can you recommend any patterns?

There are a wide variety of patterns available that you can use to make a Georgian costume.  There are a few suitable patterns in the Halloween section of the "big 3" pattern makers that you can buy in any fabric store, but some of the better patterns are only sold online.  Here are a few companies that sell the most popular 18th century and Regency costume patterns:

Laughing Moon Mercantile

Past Patterns

Larkin and Smith Patterns

J.P. Ryan Patterns


You can also find a variety of options from smaller pattern makers at 18th century sutler shops like these:

Wm. Booth Draper

Smoke and Fire Company

Jas Townsend and Son


But I don't sew!  How do I get a costume without making one?

Most of our members in the DFWCG make costumes as a hobby, not as a profession, but it never hurts to try asking on our Facebook page if anybody is taking commissions right now or has recommendations for seamstresses/tailors that you could try.  You can also buy some ready-made pieces at the 18th century sulter shops online, and there are usually a variety of historical costumes for sale on Etsy and Ebay.  You can also try renting a costume or buying one at a local costume shop, and this article has a few suggestions for the DFW area.  We've also had people pull together creative costumes by altering modern clothing from resale shops, garage sales, or their own closets.  When in doubt, do a google search and you'll see lots of great ideas and inspiration, like this fun video about how to make a Regency outfit from the thrift store.


But wait - isn't this group really into historical accuracy?  Will I get snarked if I wear something that isn't authentic?

Not at all!  Our participants are friendly and welcoming and they have a wide variety of interests and skill levels, so we hope that everybody will feel at home with our group no matter if you are interested in historical accuracy or not.  Some of our members have been sewing for decades and do enjoy making very elaborate historical pieces, but we don't expect everybody to like the same thing or have the same amount of sewing experience.  Our events are designed for us to have FUN - not as historical reenactments.  We have no authenticity rules or guidelines, and we welcome everybody equally, no matter what costume you choose to wear.


What else should I know ?  

1. Each attendee is responsible for the cost of their own meal. There is no set menu, so you can cater your food choices to your own tastes.

2. You do not need to be a DFWCG member to attend.

4. Please plan to arrive already dressed in costume. There is a restroom at the restaurant, but it is small, and we will be there during peak dinner hours, so we don't want to hold up any other patrons from using the facilities.

6. If you have any other questions or suggestions, let us know on our Facebook Group page.


We hope to see you soon!

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